Jeffery D Long

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The Unified Huntington's Disease Rating Scale is used to characterize motor impairments and establish motor diagnosis. Little is known about the timing of diagnostic confidence level categories and the trajectory of motor impairments during the prodromal phase. Goals of this study were to estimate the timing of categories, model the prodromal trajectory of(More)
Hypoglycemia is common during development and is associated with the risk of neurodevelopmental deficits in human infants. The effects of hypoglycemia on the developing hippocampus are poorly understood. The sequential changes in energy substrates, amino acids and phosphocreatine were measured from the hippocampus during 180 min of insulin-induced(More)
The present study investigated changes in small intestinal epithelial transport in rabbits infected with rotavirus. The crypt depth-villus height ratio was increased in infected ileal tissue as a result of a significant increase in crypt depth and patchy shortening of the villi. Similar villus damage was seen in the jejunum. Despite these histological(More)
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