Jeffery D. Edelman

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Parainfluenza virus (PIV) may cause life-threatening pneumonia in lung transplant patients and there are no proven effective therapies. We report the use of inhaled DAS181, a novel sialidase fusion protein, to treat severe PIV type 3 pneumonia in a lung transplant patient. Treatment was well tolerated and associated with improvement in oxygenation and(More)
Maladaptive epithelial repair from chronic injury is a common feature in fibrotic diseases, which in turn activates a pathogenic fibroblast response that produces excessive matrix deposition. Dysregulated microRNAs (miRs) can regulate expression of multiple genes and fundamentally alter cellular phenotypes during fibrosis. Although several miRs have been(More)
Acute cellular rejection (ACR) is a common complication in lung transplantation and associated with increased risk of chronic allograft dysfunction. MicroRNAs are critical controllers of cellular transcription whose expression can be altered in disease states. The purpose of this pilot study was to evaluate whether microRNA profiling of epithelial cells(More)
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