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Discrete Diffusion Monte Carlo (DDMC) is a hybrid transport-diffusion method for Monte Carlo simulations in diffusive media. In DDMC, particles take discrete steps between spatial cells according to a discretized diffusion equation. Thus, DDMC produces accurate solutions while increasing the efficiency of the Monte Carlo calculation. In this paper, we(More)
The Jayenne Project, which began in 1997, provides simulation capability for thermal radiative transfer in the X-ray regime for high-energy-density physics applications such as supernova explosions, inertial confinement fusion, and radiation flow experiments at facilities such as SNL's Z-Pinch, the Omega Facility, and the National Ignition Facility [1]. The(More)
We perform a stability analysis of a Monte Carlo method for simulating the Compton scattering of photons by free electron in high energy density applications and develop time-step limits that avoid unstable and oscillatory solutions. Implementing this Monte Carlo technique in multiphysics problems typically requires evaluating the material temperature at(More)
Discrete Diffusion Monte Carlo (DDMC) is a technique for increasing the efficiency of Monte Carlo simulations in diffusive media. We present a new DDMC method for linear, steady-state, radiation transport on Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) meshes in two-dimensional Cartesian geometry. We specifically examine the cases of (i) a regular mesh structure without(More)