Jeffery Blythe Larsen

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PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to measure the signal-to-noise ratios in classrooms while class was in session and students were interacting with the teacher and each other. METHOD Measurements of noise and reverberation were collected for 5 different classrooms in 3 different schools while class was in session. Activities taking place during the(More)
PURPOSE The intensity of noise levels in a basketball arena during games, as well as the hearing sensitivity of attendees, was measured for the purpose of assessing the impact of the noise on hearing thresholds. METHOD Noise levels at 10 intercollegiate basketball games were measured with a dosimeter affixed on the shoulders of attendees. Hearing(More)
PURPOSE To compare the speech recognition performance of young adult listeners with normal hearing in 2 college classrooms, only 1 of which met American National Standards Institute (ANSI) S12.60-2002 acoustic standards. Also, differences in speech recognition performance were compared in both classrooms with and without the use of a classroom amplification(More)
The performance of a two-sensor based, frequency-domain minimum-variance beamforming algorithm (FMV) to extract a signal in the presence of multiple interferers was evaluated. Speech reception thresholds (SRT) and speech intelligibility measures were obtained from listeners with normal hearing or with mild-to-moderate sensorineural hearing loss. Word and(More)
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