Jeffery Archer

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Heavy vehicle red-light running at intersections is a common safety problem that has severe consequences. This paper investigates alternative signal treatments that address this issue. A micro-simulation analysis approach was adopted as a precursor to a field trial. The simulation model emulated traffic conditions at a known problem intersection and(More)
The Dwell-on-Red (DoR) signal treatment aims to reduce the number and severity of pedestrian-vehicle crashes that occur during high-alcohol hours (HAH) at signalised intersections. The treatment involves reverting to an all-red phase when there is no traffic demand during late evening and early morning. This causes vehicles to slow down or stop thereby(More)
Few naturalistic studies have been carried out with commuter cyclists to discover the types of problems they encounter on a daily basis. The study presented here has been commissioned by the City of Stockholm municipality and focuses specifically on commuter cyclists in the Greater Stockholm area. The aim of the study was to describe and pinpoint(More)
INTRODUCTION Road deaths and injuries are preventable by understanding the causes of accidents and developing effective countermeasures to manage these issues. Research has suggested that at least 70 per cent, and possibly as many as 92 percent, of all traffic accidents are attributable to the human element in traffic (Sanders and McCormick, 1992). Other(More)
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