Jeffery A Williams

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BACKGROUND When compared to radiosurgery, fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy (FSR) for acoustic neuroma (AN) offers escalation of tumor dose (Gy) and potential sparing of auditory and facial nerve functions. METHOD Over the past 6.5 years 287 consecutive patients have received FSR for AN. One hundred fifty patients have follow up greater than 1 year(More)
Selected aspects of verbal memory and executive function were compared in 11 demented Parkinson's disease (PD) patients and 11 Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients with equally severe dementia, with 11 healthy controls matched for age and education. Semantic and episodic memory were impared in all patients compared with controls, but to a relatively greater(More)
For larger acoustic neuromas the preservation of cranial nerve function following radiosurgery remains a challenge. Fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy (FSR) for acoustic neuromas offers both higher total tumour dose (Gy) and potential sparing of the facial motor, sensory and auditory cranial nerves. Eighty consecutive patients (45 M, 35 F) (age(More)
Deficits in visuospatial cognition are frequently cited as an important component of the cognitive changes accompanying Parkinson's disease. To characterize possible differences between Parkinson's (PD) and Alzheimer's (AD) dementia, patients from both groups, matched for overall dementia severity, age and education, were contrasted neuropsychologically.(More)
Accuracy and laterality of ear preference on dichotic listening (DL) takes were compared in patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and a group of normal subjects, matched for age and education, using parameters (list length, stimulus matching, and order of recall), previously shown to significantly alter DL performance in normals. Alzheimer patients tended(More)
A loss of cortical noradrenergic innervation may contribute to the intellectual deterioration in Alzheimer's disease. To test the hypothesis that noradrenergic replacement may confer symptomatic benefit, a double-blind, placebo-controlled therapeutic trial with clonidine hydrochloride (Catapres), a centrally active noradrenergic receptor agonist, was(More)
Response fluctuations in motor function, complicating long-term dopaminomimetic therapy of Parkinson's disease, may extend to the cognitive realm. To evaluate the effect of levodopa treatment both on attention as well as acquisition and retrieval of memory tasks, parkinsonian patients were examined neuropsychologically both while medicated with(More)
BACKGROUND Microsurgery and single-fraction radiosurgery for acoustic neuromas are associated with high rates of control, but can result in facial palsy and trigeminal neuropathy. To reduce the morbidity of treatment for acoustic neuromas while maintaining efficacy, we explored fractionated stereotactic radiosurgery (FSR). METHODS We reviewed data for 31(More)