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The lack of pathological consequences of cardiac ATP-sensitive potassium channel (K(ATP)) channel gene manipulation is in stark contrast to the effect of similar perturbations in the pancreatic beta-cell. Because the pancreatic and cardiac channel share the same pore-forming subunit (Kir6.2), the different effects of genetic manipulation likely reflect, at(More)
BACKGROUND Hyperkalemic cardioplegia (Plegisol) has been shown to result in myocyte swelling and reduced contractility. We have demonstrated the elimination of these detrimental effects by the addition of an adenosine triphosphate-sensitive K+ (KATP) channel opener. To examine whether the mitochondrial or sarcolemmal KATP channel might be involved, volume(More)
Despite its highly nonlinear behavior, the high-speed milling is one of the most common processes in modern manufacturing. As other complex processes, a suitable condition monitoring system is needed to guarantee the minimization of chatter problems. From a pattern classification perspective, the monitoring systems can be decomposed into three general(More)
Preterm birth (PTB) presents a serious medical health concern throughout the world. There is a high incidence of PTB in both developed and developing countries ranging from 11% to 15%, respectively. Recent research has shown that cervical collagen orientation and distribution changes during pregnancy may be useful in predicting PTB. Polarization imaging is(More)
In manufacturing systems, machines have been operated for years or decades without the concept of electrical energy efficiency, which has resulted in high manufacturing costs. In order to raise competitiveness by reducing energy costs, a method for systematically increasing energy efficiency is needed. This paper presents a new method to increase the energy(More)
In the industry, the cost of electricity, although increasing, is not regarded as a production cost, and thus the energy efficiencies of equipment are usually not considered. To gain knowledge about energy efficiencies in the machining industry, this study proposes a new method of evaluating the machining process and the machines, devices, and equipment(More)
Executive Committee: Charles André, Aroldo Luiz Bacellar, Daniel da Cruz Bezerra, Roberto Campos, João José Freitas de Carvalho, Gabriel Rodrigues de Freitas, Roberto de Magalhães Carneiro de Oliveira, Sebastião Eurico Melo de Souza, Soraia Ramos Cabette Fábio, Eli Faria Evaristo, Jefferson Gomes Fernandes, Maurício Friedrich, Marcia Maiumi Fukujima, Rubens(More)
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