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The widespread of mobile devices has allowed people to have access to social networks and the variety of services wherever they are and whenever they want. In this scope, the idea of creating spontaneous social networks allow the interaction among users through the creation of mechanisms of communication and sharing services in specific places. In this(More)
Traditional online help is often function-oriented, unrelated to users' tasks and not situated at users' current context of interaction. This is due mainly to the help development strategy, and to the lack of a help model that takes into account typical users' task flows. In addition to a help model, we also need adequate access structures to the various(More)
In this paper is presented a computing platform for use of cluster environments. This platform integrates the cloud middleware services with an application for specifying these clusters and tasks submissions to the same. The provision of resources is expanded with the availability of completely different environments acting on the same infrastructure. Thus,(More)
For Dynamic Software Product Lines (DSPLs), evaluating the quality of a feature model is important to ensure that errors in the early stages do not spread throughout the DSPL. Measures extracted from feature models have been proved to be useful in the quality evaluation of such models. However, the process used for computing the values of these quality(More)
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