Jefferey E Michaelson

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BACKGROUND Men with chronic lung disease (CLD) are at risk for osteoporosis, but the relative contributions of their chronic pulmonary disease, glucocorticoid therapy, and other factors toward loss of bone has not been established. Understanding the relative importance of these factors would assist in selecting patients for bone densitometry screening and(More)
We have analyzed morphometric measurements from midgestational fetal necropsies and shown that arm and foot lengths are linear relationships versus gestational age (GA). Using foot length as the GA determinant, we found that the ratio of arm:foot length was also a linear relationship and was decreased in trisomy 21 fetuses when compared to age-matched(More)
OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to determine whether the femur/foot length ratio is useful in the prenatal detection of trisomy 21. STUDY DESIGN Direct necropsy measurements were analyzed on 436 midgestational fetuses (391 normal, 45 with trisomy 21). Necropsy leg/foot length ratio versus gestational age was found to be significantly different between normal(More)
Sternoclavicular joint subluxation/dislocation injuries in the athlete are uncommon. They can be organised by degree (subluxation, dislocation), timing (acute, chronic, recurrent, congenital), direction (anterior, posterior), and cause (traumatic, atraumatic). The unusual case reported is an adolescent butterfly swimmer with recurrent bilateral(More)
BACKGROUND The posterior interosseous nerve (PIN) is at risk for injury during one-incision distal biceps tendon repair using a cortical button. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the proximity of a cortical button to the PIN during one-incision repairs of the distal biceps tendon using human cadaveric models. METHODS In ten cadaveric elbows the(More)
OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to evaluate the value of the combination of femur and humerus length measurements in ultrasonographic screening for trisomy 21. STUDY DESIGN Direct necropsy measurements were analyzed on 703 midgestational fetuses (641 normal, 62 with trisomy 21). The (leg+arm length)/foot length ratio was found to be significantly shortened for(More)
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