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Stressful environments are often said to increase the expression of inbreeding depression. Alternatively, Crow's "opportunity for selection" (the squared phenotypic coefficient of variation) sets a limit to how much selection can occur, constraining the magnitude of inbreeding depression. To test these hypotheses, we planted self- and cross-fertilized seeds(More)
Plants can achieve an appropriate phenotype in particular conditions either constitutively or plastically, depending in part on the grain size of the environmental conditions being considered. Coarse-grained environmental variation should result in selection for local adaptation and no selection on plasticity to novel levels of the coarse-grained(More)
Discriminant analysis of eleven behavioral variables associated with feeding permitted the assignment of hyperosmotically-acclimating (HOA) toads (Bufo boreas) to six different behavioral states. These behavioral states could be correlated with specific alterations in the level of select amino acids in three regions of the toad's central nervous system. By(More)
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