Jeffer Moreno

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We report one case of neonatal sepsis caused by Malassezia furfur in an infant who had been in the Intensive Care Unit for 64 days. She had received prolonged therapy with intravenous fat emulsion. We used Sabouraud's medium with an overlay of sterile olive oil for the blood culture, because we had observed yeast forms in one smear of peripheral blood. M.(More)
We report a case of leiomyosarcoma of the kidney, presenting in the course of xeroderma pigmentosum, which debuted clinically as Wünderlich's syndrome due to spontaneous rupture of the tumor. We describe the case history and discuss the cutaneous disorder, analyzing the clinical and etiopathogenic factors, and conclude with an attempt to establish a(More)
At the Instituto Materno Infantil (IMI) in Bogotá (Colombia), 5,686 births (5,597 live births and 89 stillbirths) were analyzed during two periods: from October, 1997, to April, 1998, and from July to November, 2000 (12 months). Congenital anomalies were detected in 4.4% of live newborn babies and in 7.8% of stillbirths. Major anomalies corresponded to 69%(More)
Epileptic seizures are one of the main reasons for neurological visits in an emergency department. Convulsions represent a traumatic event for the patient and the family, with significant medical and social consequences. Due to their prevalence and impact, the initial management is of vital importance. Although following the first epileptic seizure, early(More)
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