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Renal function measurements were obtained in 1,703 African Americans with presumed hypertensive nephrosclerosis who were screened for entry into the African-American Study of Hypertension and Kidney Disease (AASK). We examined the effect of race on relationships involving renal variables by comparing African Americans enrolled into the AASK with non-African(More)
Measurement of GFR is considered the standard for estimating renal function. However, standardized accurate GFR methodology is expensive and cumbersome; therefore, estimates of GFR based on serum creatinine concentration have been employed. The purpose of the study presented here was to assess the accuracy and precision of using serum creatinine(More)
There is an increasing interest in the establishment of plantations in the Southeast region with the objective of producing biomass for energy and fuel. Establishment of these plantations will require the development of a feasible way to harvest them. These types of plantations are called Short Rotation Woody Crops (SRWC). Popular SRWC species are Eucalypt(More)
In this paper we present an innovative prototype Open Source Teaching/Learning Collaboratory created at UC Merced that will provide the foundation for offering the vast majority of our Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) courses, as well as courses from across our engineering disciplines, and, increasingly, computer courses and computer intensive courses(More)
This paper reports the findings from the European Practice Database project providing an overview of the technical aspects of haemodialysis treatment, comparing practice in Scotland and Belgium. Findings identified that in Scotland almost all centres (95%) employed renal technicians compared to 67% of centres in Belgium. There was also a higher level of(More)
The piping industry has a need for a well-founded methodology to predict lifetime of pipeline components subject to stress concentration. Another useful tool would be a method to assess the impact of manufacturing processes on the slow crack growth (SCG) properties of a resin that can be used for process control in a manufacturing facility. In this paper we(More)
A DEPARTMENTAL picture archiving and communication system (PACS) project evolved after several years of investigations by the Department of Radiology. In June 1995, the Medical Information, Communication, and Archive Systeta (MICAS) task group was formed and given the directive to implement a limited PACS capability with a first-year budget of approximately(More)
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