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A 144cerium-induced osteosarcoma was transplanted to athymic nude rats (Han:rnu/rnu). Nineteen of the tumor-bearing animals were used to demonstrate the characteristics of the osteosarcoma on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in comparison with a group of nine animals that had not received any tumor transplant. The tumor-free animals showed homogeneous(More)
In vivo studies on osteosarcoma are limited by the relative low incidence of this tumor in man. Therefore, there is a high dependence on a reliable experimental tumor model. In previous studies, a transplantable osteosarcoma of the athymic nude rat was established. In the present study the content and pattern of distribution of immune effector cells within(More)
  • Jeff Witzel
  • IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine
  • 2007
Free wireless Internet. It seems to be everywhere: hotels, cafes, airports, and even on the in-town street lights in my city. Free internet access ports are all around us, yet you, like me, probably pay to bring it into our home. Each month we shell out money for dial-up, digital subscriber line (DSL), or cable-based Internet service when all that most of(More)
In previous studies radiation-induced osteosarcoma transplanted onto nude rats has been shown to have an extraordinary similarity to human osteosarcoma. In this report the effects of a standard chemotherapeutic regimen on this experimental bone tumor are described. Examination of the histology and of the water content of the tumor confirmed that a high-dose(More)
The conventional human tumor stem cell assay is limited by the lack of flexibility for drug scheduling with single agents and its inability to test drug combinations. Recently, we described the cloning of tumor cell lines within porous glass capillary tubes which allow free exchange of substances. The present study describes the influence of various(More)
  • Jeff Witzel
  • IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine
  • 2006
This article discuss free to air (FTA) satellite TV as an alternative to commercial cable TV. Many do not know about FTA considering that FTA feeds have been up there for 30 plus years because there is no money in it. Nobody pays to market free stuff, yet it's mostly the old timers who experimented with analog C-Band BUDs who know about it today. The author(More)
In this report we describe an experimental osteogenic sarcoma that had been radiation-induced on Sprague-Dawleys by Delbrück in 1980. We transplanted it to 120 athymic nude rats achieving take rates of 100%. The tumor doubling time was 10.5 days. The osteosarcoma on athymic rats thus proliferated extraordinarily well compared to other known models.(More)
Der Fortschritt in den Neurowissenschaften führt nicht nur zu neuen therapeutischen Möglichkeiten, sondern wirft auch vielfältige ethische Probleme auf. Diese werden gegenwärtig unter dem Begriff der „Neuroethik“ subsumiert. Im vorliegenden Beitrag werden die Fragen der Einwilligungsfähigkeit, des freien Willens, des Selbstes und der Persönlichkeit vor dem(More)
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