Jeff Wilkinson

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PURPOSE Thymoma represents one of the rarest of all malignancies. Stage and completeness of resection have been used to ascertain postoperative therapeutic strategies albeit with limited prognostic accuracy. A molecular classifier would be useful to improve the assessment of metastatic behaviour and optimize patient management. METHODS qRT-PCR assay for(More)
PURPOSE The development of a genetic signature for the identification of high-risk cutaneous melanoma tumors would provide a valuable prognostic tool with value for stage I and II patients who represent a remarkably heterogeneous group with a 3% to 55% chance of disease progression and death 5 years from diagnosis. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN A prognostic 28-gene(More)
UrbanSim is a game-based learning solution that is designed to train leaders in the execution of the " Art of Battle Command " in complex environments where counterinsurgency (COIN) and stability operations predominate. The UrbanSim experience is divided into three components: a two-hour, self-paced, instruction module that provides students with basic(More)
Recordings of cardiac surface potentials from animal hearts can be mapped into human torso and used as source potentials for torso simulation. However, geometric registration of the heart can introduce changes in the effective conduction velocity due to change in relative positions of the recording sites. We developed a time dilation technique to ensure(More)
Uveal melanoma management is challenging due to its metastatic propensity. DecisionDx-UM is a prospectively validated molecular test that interrogates primary tumor biology to provide objective information about metastatic potential that can be used in determining appropriate patient care. To evaluate the continued clinical validity and utility of(More)
ii NOTICE The project that is the subject of this report was done under contract for the Virginia Department of Transportation, Virginia Transportation Research Council. The contents of this report reflect the views of the authors, who are responsible for the facts and the accuracy of the data presented herein. The contents do not necessarily reflect the(More)
We believe that by the time of the workshop Deep Blue will have lost another match to Garry Kas-parov, showing little improvement over the previous one. But even if it is indeed a "new kind of intelligence", it can be argued that this intelligence is very basic. There is a long way to go until Deep Blue could be considered a fully autonomous agent, the type(More)
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