Jeff White

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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study is to estimate the willingness of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients to accept life-threatening adverse event risks in exchange for improvements in their MS related health outcomes. METHODS MS patients completed a survey questionnaire that included a series of choice-format conjoint tradeoff tasks. Patients chose hypothetical(More)
The extremely high cost of custom ASIC fabrication makes FPGAs an attractive alternative for deployment of custom hardware. Embedded systems based on reconfigurable hardware integrate many functions onto a single device. Since embedded designers often have no choice but to use soft IP cores obtained from third parties, the cores operate at different trust(More)
Unlike mammalian cells, malarial parasites are completely dependent on the de novo pyrimidine pathway and lack the enzymes to salvage preformed pyrimidines. In the present study, first, it is shown that 1843U89, even without polyglutamylation, is a potent folate-based inhibitor of purified malarial parasite thymidylate synthase. The binding was(More)
This article presents experimental and computational studies of a phase shifting photolithographic technique that uses binary elastomeric phase masks in conformal contact with layers of photoresist. The work incorporates optimized masks formed by casting and curing prepolymers to the elastomer poly͑dimethylsiloxane͒ against anisotropically etched structures(More)
A b s t r a c t Pre-corrected FFT algorithms are shown to be a memory-efficient alternative to fast mul-tipole algorithms for performing potential calculations associated with capacitance extraction of realistic 3-D engineering examples. The pre-corrected FFT method can be easily generalized to use the Green functions arising from analysis of conductors in(More)
We describe a powerful imaging modality for terahertz (THz) radiation, THz wide aperture reflection tomography (WART). Edge maps of an object's cross section are reconstructed from a series of time-domain reflection measurements at different viewing angles. Each measurement corresponds to a parallel line projection of the object's cross section. The(More)
In developing a new approach to simulating muscles in creatures, we immediately ran into a familiar roadblock. Placing muscles by hand on each creature was too time consuming and expensive to be considered on all but the most hero creatures. We developed an approach that derived the positions needed for rigging and deformations from the geometry, as opposed(More)