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High-frequency ultrasound techniques are introduced for three-dimensional imaging and thickness estimation of fresh heart valve cusps. Images of porcine aortic valve specimens were acquired within a 12 x 8 x 8 mm3 volume using a VisualSonics VS40 micro-imaging system operating at a 40 MHz centre frequency. Two image volumes were obtained from each of six(More)
CONTEXT A higher prevalence of diabetes-related complications is reported in minority populations; however, it is not known if there are racial disparities in diabetes care and outcomes in hospitalized patients. OBJECTIVE Our objective was to determine the association between hyperglycemia, in patients with and without diabetes mellitus (non-DM), and(More)
BACKGROUND The impact of obesity on clinical outcomes and hospitalization costs in general surgery patients with and without diabetes (DM) is unknown. MATERIALS AND METHODS We reviewed medical records of 2451 patients who underwent gastrointestinal surgery at two university hospitals. Hyperglycemia was defined as BG ≥140 mg/dl. Overweight was defined by(More)
This paper will discuss current deployment scenarios for Performance Enhancement Proxies (PEP) technologies in broadband satellite access systems from the perspective of one PEP technology provider. Recent improvements such as DVB-S2 can provide substantial gains at the link layer. In order to achieve further efficiency gains, the satellite industry is now(More)
OBJECTIVE Obesity is associated with increased risk of diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular mortality. Several studies have reported increased length of hospital stay and complications; however, there are also reports of obesity having a protective effect on health, a phenomenon coined the 'obesity paradox'. We aimed to investigate the impact of(More)
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  • 2016
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BACKGROUND The financial impact of intensive (blood glucose [BG] 100-140mg/dl [5.5-7.8mM] vs. conservative (141-180mg/dl (7.9-10.0mM) glucose control in the ICU in patients, with and without diabetes, undergoing coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery is not known. METHODS This post-hoc cost analysis determined differences in hospitalization costs,(More)
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