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The purposes of this study were to examine gender differences during drop jumps, to evaluate the effect of a set of simple instructions on kinematic and kinetic parameters during a drop jump, and to determine if there are gender differences in the effects of instruction on those parameters. Twenty-five basketball players, 13 men and 12 women, performed drop(More)
This paper describes an agent-based model for exploring the effects of traditional supervisory merit-based promotions and hierarchical organizational structure on the flow of information. Each agent simulating a worker follows the same rules for handling information and promotion: Agents differ only in the breadth of information they consider important. The(More)
This paper describes the work of the W3C Decisions and Decision-making Incubator, with the goal to identify requirements for a standard decision format, through a set of use cases, and to develop a first version of a potential standard format for representing decisions, fulfilling the requirements of the use cases and exploiting semantic web standards.(More)
Research shows that an analytical solution of information velocity is intractable but metrics that support understanding the factors that affect information flow can be useful. This paper describes an agent-based model for information flow that explores physical analogs to the metric's causal measures. Interactions and exchanges are modeled as physical(More)
This paper describes design considerations for the implementation of a decision-support system based on a Common Decision Exchange Protocol (CDEP), which is an XML-, REST-based protocol for representing generic human decisions in a simple, interoperable format. The paper also describes characteristics of decisions that should be expressed using CDEP and(More)
The rapid flow of information through a command-and-control organization strengthens the agility of the command and increases the efficiency of the organization. Therefore, a metric is proposed for the speed of useful information as it flows in an organization, enterprise or command structure. Information is assumed to be useful if a member of the(More)
The purposes of this study are to examine gender differences in the contribution of the arm swing to jump height in men and women basketball players and to examine the role of upper-body strength in the contribution of arm swing to jump height. National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I basketball players (men n = 13, women n = 12) performed 4(More)