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To an unappreciated degree, research both in operating systems and their programming languages has been severely hampered by the lack of cleanly reusable code providing mundane low-level OS infrastructure such as bootstrap code and device drivers. The Flux OS Toolkit solves this problem by providing a set of clean, well-documented components. These(More)
The formal methods community has long known about the need to formally analyze concurrent software, but the OS community has been slow to adopt such methods. The foremost reasons for this are the cultural and knowledge gaps between formalists and OS hackers, fostered by three beliefs: inaccessibility of the tools, the disabling gap between the validated(More)
As a result of the changing policy scene, the data needs of decision-makers with which to make effective decisions are changing. However, it is questionable whether current quantitative transport planning methodologies, which were largely developed to predict the effect of new infrastructure provision, are able to provide accurate information on " soft "(More)