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BACKGROUND To meet the transfusion requirements of IgA-deficient patients with anti-IgA, blood services screen random donors to identify potential donors of IgA-deficient blood components. New information reveals that some IgA-deficient persons may also be deficient in IgG2 and may be at increased risk for bacterial infections. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS(More)
We investigated 13 patients with Huntington's disease and assessed gait by filming and by gait analyzer before and after increasing haloperidol dosage, until chorea was suppressed or side effects intervened. The severity of chorea and ataxia was scored blindly from videotapes. Gaits were abnormal in 12 of 13 patients and 5 of 6 patients who had symptoms for(More)
Fifty-four adult patients with acquired spastic equinus and equinovarus deformity were treated with lengthening of the Achilles tendon, lateral transfer of the anterior tibial tendon, and appropriate muscle releases. All patients had preoperative dynamic electromyography and electrogoniometry performed in order to assist in planning the surgical procedures(More)
A family of five long-chain fatty acid carboxamides has been identified and semi-quantified in human plasma by GC-MS. One saturated and four unsaturated amides were found. Luteal phase plasma from 16 women was studied, and all five of the amides were found in ten of the subjects, but none in the other six. The structure of these endogenous amides was(More)
Somato sensory evoked potentials (SEP), cerebral blood flow and cerebral metabolism were studied in seven rhesus monkeys before and after a right occipito-frontal missile injury with an air rifle. The sensory evoked potential was present shortly after injury though markedly altered in shape. There was a very close correlation (r2 equal to 0.83) between SEP(More)
A new device is presented that is able to provide a temporal recording of gait as well as a continuous qualitative monitoring of gait events. It can be used with motor-point electromyography to perform walking electromyography, with an electrogoniometer to record joint position, or with other measuring devices to record events relative to phase of gait. The(More)
A unique combination of chromatographic separation and mass spectrometric techniques has been developed for a novel method for measurement of picomole amounts of endogenous oligopeptides in biologic tissue. High-performance liquid chromatography is utilized for rapid high-resolution separation of peptides. A new buffer system using dilute(More)
Multiple parameters of gait were evaluated in 50 adult acquired hemiplegic patients and 30 control patients with no history of gait abnormality and no deviation from normal gait by observational analysis. Findings in the hemiplegic group include: 1) increase in the proportion of the gait cycle spent in stance and double-limb support phases in both the(More)