Jeff Steinmetz

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Single slow (tonic) muscle fibres were dissected from cruralis muscles of Rana temporaria and R. esculenta. Increasing concentrations of caffeine were applied in Ringer solution, and contractures were measured isometrically. Sigmoid caffeine concentration-response curves were obtained, the threshold value being near 1.2 mmol/l, and maximum contractures(More)
The fitness of non-feeding adult insects depends on energy accumulated during the larval stage. Larvae of the caddisfly Asynarchus nigriculus primarily feed on plant detritus, but supplement their diet with animal material obtained through cannibalism. Habitat drying constrains development in many populations of this species, and we hypothesized that(More)
Scanning electron microscopy has been used in conjunction with wavelength dispersive X-Ray spectroscopy and in correlation with X-Ray diffraction to define the populations of crystals present in rheumatic diseases. Microcrystals of monosodium urate, triclinic and monoclinic calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate, apatite, calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate and(More)
We report a method for studying microcrystals which combines scanning electron microscopy, electron-dispersive X-ray analysis, and X-ray diffraction. Application of all three techniques to the same crystalline bodies permits correlation of their three-dimensional morphology at high magnification with unambiguous identification by means of their(More)
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