Jeff Siu-Kei Au-Yeung

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The introduction of Aurora 4 tasks provides a standard database and methodology for comparing the effectiveness of different robust algorithms on LVCSR. One important issue on Aurora 4 tasks is the computation time involved in evaluating different test conditions. In this paper we show that by employing HTK as the recognition frontend and backend on Aurora(More)
With the advance in semiconductor memory and the availability of very large speech corpora (of hundreds to thousands of hours of speech), we would like to revisit the use of discrete hidden Markov model (DHMM) in automatic speech recognition. To estimate the discrete density in a DHMM state, the acoustic space is divided into bins and one simply count the(More)
It has been demonstrated in our earlier works [1, 2] that perceptual video encryption can be effectively achieved by using multiple transforms where the block size 4×4 has been considered. In this paper, we study the extension to the transforms of size 8×8. In this case, a more complex flow-graph structure is resulted, thus leading to a larger room for(More)