Jeff Shneidman

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In this paper, we argue that a microeconomic resource allocation scheme, specifically the combinatorial auction, is well suited to testbed resource management. To demonstrate this, we present the Mirage resource allocation system. In Mirage, testbed resources are allocated using a repeated combinatorial auction within a closed virtual currency environment.(More)
The emergence of computationally-enabled sensors and the applications that use sensor data introduces the need for a software infrastructure designed specifically to enable the rapid development and deployment of applications that draw upon data from multiple, heterogeneous sensor networks. We present the Hourglass infrastructure, which addresses this need.(More)
Mechanism design (MD) provides a useful method to implement outcomes with desirable properties in systems with self-interested computational agents. One drawback, however, is that computation is implicitly centralized in MD theory, with a central planner taking all decisions.We consider distributed implementations, in which the outcome is determined by the(More)
Many computer systems have reached the point where the goal of resource allocation is no longer to maximize utilization; instead, when demand exceeds supply and not all needs can be met, one needs a policy to guide resource allocation decisions. One natural policy is to seek efficient usage, which allocates resources to the set of users who have the highest(More)
Most current algorithms for distributed hash tables (DHTs) implicitly assume that all nodes participating in the DHT are homogeneous. However, empirical evidence indicates that participants are not: widely used traces show that the participants’ network bandwidth varies by several orders of magnitude and that the average session length varies by as much as(More)
In this paper we deal with the problem of optimally placing a set of query operators in an overlay network. Each user is interested in performing a query on streaming data and each query has an associated set of innetwork operators that filter, aggregate and process the data in various ways. Each user has private information about the operators associated(More)
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