Jeff Sadler

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This paper examines the utilization of the time reversal matched filtering method to resolve the location of an acoustic point source beneath a skull phantom (variable thickness layer), without the removal of this layer. This acoustical process is examined experimentally in a water tank immersion system containing an acoustic source, a custom-made skull(More)
A new adaptive beamforming algorithm for imaging via small-aperture 1-D ultrasonic-phased arrays through composite layered structures is reported. Such structures cause acoustic phase aberration and wave refraction at undulating interfaces and can lead to significant distortion of an ultrasonic field pattern produced by conventional beamforming techniques.(More)
Please note an error in Fig. 12 where Sr/Ca values are incorrectly reported with units of lmol/mol. Correct y-axis labelling should read Sr/Ca (mmol/mol). Trace element analysis was carried out on a Thermo X Series II quadruple ICP-MS, not the multi-collector ICP-MS as described in the manuscript. Time Fig. 12 Geochemical analyses from Acropora inter-branch(More)
Coral reefs provide an increasingly important archive of palaeoclimate data that can be used to constrain climate model simulations. Reconstructing past environmental conditions may also provide insights into the potential of reef systems to survive changes in the Earth’s climate. Reef-based palaeoclimate reconstructions are predominately derived from(More)
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