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Elopement is a dangerous behavior because children who run away may encounter life-threatening situations (e.g., traffic). We conducted functional analyses of the elopement of 3 children who had been diagnosed with developmental disabilities. The results identified a maintaining reinforcer for the elopement of 1 child, but the data were difficult to(More)
Cloud Federation offers Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) the ability to lease excess capacity to other CSPs in need of temporary additional resources such as large amounts of computational and networking power, or storage capacity to meet consumer's insatiable demand requirements. This promise, not only directly contradicts the Cloud Computing principles of(More)
The results of functional analyses suggested that the destructive behavior of two individuals was sensitive to escape and attention as reinforcement. In an instructional context, we evaluated the effects of reinforcing compliance with functional reinforcers when destructive behavior produced a break. For one participant we also evaluated the effects of(More)
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