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The purpose of this study was to quantify the decrease in the load lifted from 1 to 5, 10, and 20 repetitions to failure for the flat barbell bench press (chest press; CP) and plate-loaded leg press (LP). Furthermore, we developed prediction equations for 1 repetition maximum (RM) strength from the multiple RM tests, including anthropometric data, gender,(More)
This paper presents a Genetic Algorithm (GA) approach to evolving robot behaviours. We use fuzzy logic controllers (FLCs) to design robot behaviours. The antecedents of the FLCs are pre-designed, while their consequences are learned using a GA. The Sony quadruped robots are used to evaluate proposed approaches in the robotic football domain. Two behaviours,(More)
Problems in psychiatric adjustment were found to be more common in children and adolescents with chronic renal failure (22 subjects on hospital haemodialysis and 22 with less severe renal failure) than in healthy matched controls. There was a trend towards more definite and marked psychological difficulties in patients with more severe renal condition.(More)
Irregular (so-called broken) plural identification in modern standard Arabic is a problematic issue for information retrieval (IR) and language engineering applications, but their effect on the performance of IR has never been examined. Broken plurals (BPs) are formed by altering the singular (as in English: tooth teeth) through an application of(More)
Life-time psychiatric adjustment was studied in forty-five young adult survivors of a paediatric dialysis and transplantation programme and in a comparison group matched for age and sex. Renal patients reported more psychological problems in childhood and had lower self-esteem in adulthood, but adult lifetime psychiatric morbidity was comparable in both(More)
As an undergraduate in search of a definitive text for my introductory biochemistry courses, I had no choice but to acquire the third edition of this book, since Dr. Stryer was not only an instructor for several of my classes, but his text was also the required text for the most popular biology course! But even if I had not been pressured to acquire the(More)
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