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A proliferation of mobile smartphone platforms, including Android devices, has triggered a rise in mobile application development for a diverse set of situations. Testing of these smartphone applications can be exceptionally difficult, due to the challenges of orchestrating production-scale quantities of smartphones, such as difficulty in managing thousands(More)
UWB shows great promise for use in a number of wireless communications applications, in particular, short range high bit rate networking. However, due to the emissions limits set by the FCC, commercial systems are limited in range for high data rates. To achieve greater range, both simple and advanced techniques need to be investigated. Current designs for(More)
This paper presents a dual round-robin arbiter for split transaction buses with separate address and data lines for use in system-on-chip implementations of shared-memory multiprocessors. The dual round-robin arbiter provides independent arbitration for requests on the address bus and responses on the data bus. For writeback requests that require(More)
Clearing radio spectrum from an allocated but underutilized usage to repurpose the spectrum band to another usage often requires many years to accomplish. For example, the transition from analog television (TV) to digital TV, public safety, and cellular telephony is taking more than a decade. The bands that are easy to clear have been cleared, so the next(More)
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