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XRD and Infrared Spectroscopic Validation of Weathering Surfaces from Ultramafic and Mafic Lithologies Examined using Hyperspectral Imagery, Cross Lake Area, Cape Smith Belt, Northern Quebec, Canada
The study area is located at the tectonic boundary between the Povungnituk and Chukotat Groups in the Early Proterozoic Cape Smith Belt near Cross Lake, in northern Quebec. This zone is characterizedExpand
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Investigation of Relative Importance of Some Error Sources in Particle Image Velocimetry
Several error sources are analyzed for 2-component PIV, including: calibration, magnification variation, perspective, resolution, and the correlation algorithm noise floor. Several of these errorExpand
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Experimental Validation Benchmark Data for Computational Fluid Dynamics of Mixed Convection on a Vertical Flat Plate
Model validation for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), where experimental data and model outputs are compared, is a key tool for assessing model uncertainty. In this work, mixed convection wasExpand
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Experimental Validation Data for Computational Fluid Dynamics of Forced Convection on a Vertical Flat Plate
A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) validation dataset for turbulent forced convection on a vertical plate is presented. The design of the apparatus is based on recent validation literature andExpand
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Multiplane particle shadow velocimetry to quantify integral length scales
The integral length scale can be calculated from planar particle image velocimetry (PIV) data by integrating a two-point velocity correlation over a range of in-plane spatial separations. However,Expand
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