Jeff R Price

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Previous studies have determined that biased selection occurs in multiple-choice, multiple-insurer programs. To the extent that health plans are affected by biased selection, efficiency becomes less important since adverse selection may raise a particular plan's costs relative to those of its competitors. This study finds that both favorable and unfavorable(More)
A compact frequency-modulated, continuous wave (FM-cw) lidar system for measurement of distributed aerosol plumes and hard targets is presented. The system is based on intensity modulation of a laser diode and quadrature detection of the return signals. The advantages of using laser diode amplitude modulation and quadrature detection is a large reduction in(More)
Recently the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program has been the subject of much discussion in Washington as a result of the rather large premium increases in 1982 and 1983, the delayed open season of 1981, and the benefit reductions. Enrollees responded in May 1982 to the changes; a record number switched plans. It appears that enrollees were simply(More)
The existence of biased selection in health insurance markets has long been assumed by economic theorists as well as seen between classes of health plans. In this paper, we use a model of the premium rate that takes into consideration the effects of moral hazard to make empirical estimates of the extent of selection in the Federal Employees Health Benefits(More)
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