Jeff R. Hall

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This study was conducted to determine the extent of blood contamination of anesthesia equipment and monitoring equipment in clinical use in operating rooms. The study employed a catalytic-test method, which is used in forensic medicine, to detect blood contamination of anesthesia equipment and monitoring equipment. Nineteen definable surfaces were sampled(More)
Medical educators and credentialing organizations recently have called attention to the long hours that some house staff are required to spend in the hospital during training. To determine the average duration of in-hospital work hours of anesthesiology residents, 148 residents at seven, university-affiliated training programs kept daily logs of their(More)
An analysis of the results of the In-Training Examination of the American Board of Anesthesiology-American Society of Anesthesiologists has been developed using a new question-categorization method and a new form of calculation, the resident index score. Resident index scores permit comparison of the performance of any program's residents with the(More)
Critical-care medicine today is practiced by anesthesiologists, internists, pediatricians, and surgeons. Outcome from today's management of critically ill patients is very good, yet associated costs are very high. Over one-half of the hospital costs of critically ill patients emanates from the intensive-care unit (ICU), although the ICU stay accounts for(More)
A new method for the analysis and display of the effect of emissions controls on visibility is applied to conditions in southern California. An advanced mechanistic air quality model that represents airborne particles as a source-oriented external mixture first is used to track emissions source contributions to the size distribution and chemical composition(More)
The objective of this work is to provide a broad assessment of Thematic Mapper data quality in addition to specific investigations of particular topics including band to band registration, scene to scene registration, geodetic rectification, interdetector responses, and spatial resolution. Preliminary results for investigations of band to band registration(More)
Context. Solar-like oscillations have been observed by Kepler and CoRoT in several solar-type stars. Aims. We study the variations in the stellar p-mode linewidth as a function of effective temperature. Methods. We study a time series of nine months of Kepler data. We analyse the power spectra of 42 cool main-sequence stars and subgiants using both maximum(More)