Jeff Qin

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With the scaling down of the CMOS technologies, leakage power is becoming an increasingly important issue in IC design. There is a trade-off between subthreshold leakage power consumption and clock frequency in the circuit; i.e., for higher performance, leakage power consumption must be sacrificed and vice versa. Meanwhile, timing analysis during synthesis(More)
This thesis investigates the relationship between foster care placement settings and discharges. Placement settings are where foster children live: foster homes, group homes, etc. There may be one or several placements for any individual child. In the interest of stability, federal funding to states depends in part on low numbers of placement moves. Federal(More)
In today's emerging information systems, it is natural to have data distributed across multiple sites. We define a System of Databases (SyDb) as a collection of autonomous and heterogeneous databases. R-SyDb (System of Relational Databases) is a restricted form of SyDb, referring to a collection of relational databases, which are independent. Similarly,(More)
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