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1 report that loss-of-function alleles of the HOTHEAD (HTH) gene in Arabidopsis thaliana are genetically unstable, giving rise to wild-type revertants. On the basis of the reversion of many other genetic markers in hth plants, they suggested a model in which a cache of extragenomic information could cause genes to revert to the genotype of previous(More)
E1 Lolle et al. suggest that non-mendelian inheritance in Arabidopsis thaliana might be attributable to an ancestral RNA-sequence cache 1 , whereby the RNA genome of previous generations causes a high rate of reversion of the plant's mutant hothead (hth) and erecta (er) genes. Here I describe a 'distributed genome' model that also explains their results, in(More)
Among the science investigations that are of interest in the NASA Space Science, Earth Science and Planetary Science disciplines are data for surface elevation information, atmosphere chemical composition, atmosphere dynamics and meteorology. A laser sensor architecture has been developed at ITT using both internal and IIP funds which is capable of(More)
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