Jeff Provost

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We present our approach for overcoming the cost, operational complexity, and limited scale endemic to datacenter networks a decade ago. Three themes unify the five generations of datacenter networks detailed in this paper. First, multi-stage Clos topologies built from commodity switch silicon can support cost-effective deployment of building-scale networks.(More)
Acknowledgments A couple of years ago someone forwarded me a link to an article interpreting Frodo's quest in The Lord of the Rings as an allegory for writing and filing a dissertation (Lee, 2005). At the time, I saw this as nerdy humor for PhD-seeking Tolkien geeks like myself. But when I read the article again last week, it made me embarrasingly(More)
To my family Acknowledgments I would first like to thank my advisor Ben Kuipers for spending uncountable hours over the last six years to teach me how to be a scientist and how to be precise in my speech and writing. I would also like to thank my committee members. Dana Ballard, for teaching me that if a problem is hard, then maybe there is a simple(More)
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