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Acknowledgments We thank The Wildlife Society Council for its decision to appoint the Technical Review Committee on Global Climate Change and Wildlife. We also thank each of the committee members for giving so generously of their time. Without their dedication and persistence this technical review could not have been accomplished. Acknowledgment is also due(More)
  • Virginia R Burkett, Douglas A Wilcox, Robert Stottlemyer, Wylie Barrow, Dan Fagre, Jill Baron +6 others
  • 2005
Many biological, hydrological, and geological processes are interactively linked in ecosystems. These ecological phenomena normally vary within bounded ranges, but rapid, nonlinear changes to markedly different conditions can be triggered by even small differences if threshold values are exceeded. Intrinsic and extrinsic ecological thresholds can lead to(More)
  • Brock Lameres, Todd Kaiser, Eric Gowens, Todd Buerkle, Jeff Price, Kevin Helsley +2 others
  • 2010
— A position sensitive radiation sensor was modeled, developed and fabricated then interfaced with a field programmable gate array (FPGA) to create a radiation hardened computing platform. The system exploits environmental information from the sensor in order to determine regions within the FPGA that may have been affected by radiation. The spatial(More)
initiative for a C-Neutral UN, this document is printed in limited numbers. Delegates are kindly requested to bring their copies to meetings and not to request additional copies. Note by the Executive Secretary 1. The Executive Secretary is circulating herewith, for the information of participants in the seventeenth meeting of the Subsidiary Body on(More)
  • Annie Finkenbinder, Kelley Britt, Catherine Cox, Blair Of, Charlie Goodman, Kate Mattice +14 others
  • 2010
TOD is the only national nonprofit effort dedicated to providing best practices, research and tools to support market-based transit-oriented development. We partner with both the public and private market sectors to strategize about ways to encourage the development of high performing TOD projects around transit stations and to build transit systems that(More)
  • Rick Rayburn, Chief, Robert Herrick, Mary Ann Morrison, Dogpacsb Sgt, N William +5 others
  • 2005
INTRODUCTION: In a July 9, 2001 memorandum to the District Superintendents and executive policy staff (see attached), Deputy Director Dick Troy indicated Director Areias' interest in addressing the need for off-leash dog parks in urban areas. After speaking with Senator Jackie Speier, the Director indicated his interest in testing a small number of pilot(More)