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The emergence of new regulatory and pro-inflammatory immune cell subsets and cytokines dictates the need to re-examine the role of these subsets in various diseases involving the immune system. IL-17 has been recently identified as a key cytokine involved in numerous autoimmune processes. However, its role in liver autoimmune diseases remains unclear.(More)
The neurotransmitters used by the sensory neurones of the dorsal root ganglia (DRG) are unknown. A proportion of these cells contain physiologically active peptides; for example, subpopulations of small-diameter neurones contain substance P or somatostatin. Although these peptides probably have some influence on synaptic transmission in the dorsal horn of(More)
A retrovirus which encodes β-galactosidase was used to infect embryonic rat striatal cells before grafting these cells into the lesioned adult rat striatum. Examination of the grafts after long term survival (8 months) revealed that a few small and large cells expressed large amounts of bacterial β-galactosidase activity. The larger diameter cells were(More)
The effect of protracted GH-releasing factor (GRF) stimulation on adenohypophysial morphology was investigated in six mice transgenic for human GRF (hGRF). All animals had significantly higher plasma levels of GH and GRF and greater body weights than controls. Eight-month-old mice were killed, and the markedly enlarged pituitaries were studied by histology,(More)
1. Five-carbon-atom organic acids (C-5 acids) have been administered intravenously to rabbits with ventriculocisternal perfusion and continuous electroencephalographic recording (EEG). The concentration of the acids in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) perfusate have been compared with changes in integrated low-frequency activity in the EEG. 2. The C-5 acids(More)
The basolateral cell membrane of the rat proximal tubule contains a Na+-Ca2+ exchanger that may participate in the regulation of cytosolic calcium (Cai) and Ca2+ transport. In this work, the activity and orientation of the Na+-Ca2+ exchanger was studied in rat proximal tubules. The experiments were based on the thermodynamic notion that the exchanger is(More)
  • Jeff Price
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London…
  • 1984
A double-staining immunoperoxidase technique was used to investigate the distribution of the catecholamine synthesizing enzymes, tyrosine hydroxylase and dopamine-beta-hydroxylase in the rat superior cervical ganglion. It revealed two different populations of sympathetic cells containing the former, but not the latter enzyme. This strongly suggests that the(More)
In this study, we have asked what organizational features can be detected in the embryonic rat cerebral cortex. We have found evidence using light microscopy, and scanning and transmission electron microscopy, that soon after the first cortical neurons join the cortical plate, their apical dendrites form clusters. These clusters are characterized by the(More)
patterns of these REPs would vary regionally, but should ideally involve a consortium of national governments, civil-society organizations and businesses. The third group would be the Policy Analysis Panel (PAP) — a standing panel of expertise, global in reach, with interdisciplinary skills and a diverse analytical capacity. Perhaps 50–100 strong, this(More)