Jeff Pressing

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s International, 26, 409.<lb>Ryle, G. (1949) The concept of mind, Hutchinson, London.<lb>Saltzman, E.L. and Kelso, J.A.S. (1983) Toward a dynamical account of motor<lb>memory<lb>and control. In Memory and control of action, (ed. R.A. Magill),<lb>North-Holland, Amsterdam.<lb>Sage, G.S. (1977) Introduction to motor behaviour: a(More)
 Many interactive human skills are based on real-time error detection and correction. Here we investigate the spectral properties of such skills, focusing on a synchronization task. A simple autoregressive error correction model, based on separate ‘motor’ and ‘cognitive’ sources, provides an excellent fit to experimental spectral data. The model can also(More)
We present a tutorial on a power spectral approach to variability in serial motor performance, describing as a case study two experiments on the form of the variance in two force production tasks. In Experiment 1 we examine grip force and load force in repetitive unimanual pulling; in Experiment 2, we describe repetitive bimanual pressing. In both(More)
In 3 experiments, the authors examined short-term memory for pitch and duration in unfamiliar tone sequences. Participants were presented a target sequence consisting of 2 tones (Experiment 1) or 7 tones (Experiments 2 and 3) and then a probe tone. Participants indicated whether the probe tone matched 1 of the target tones in both pitch and duration. Error(More)
2 0. ABSTRACT Previous studies have suggested that the cerebellum and basal ganglia may play a critical role in interval timing. In the first part of the chapter, we review this literature, focusing on production and perception tasks involving intervals in the hundreds of millisecond range. Overall, the neuropsychological and neuroimaging evidence(More)
Segmental genomes (i.e., genomes in which the genetic information is dispersed between two or more discrete molecules) are abundant in RNA viruses, but virtually absent in DNA viruses. It has been suggested that the division of information in RNA viruses expands the pool of variation available to natural selection by providing for the reassortment of(More)