Jeff Phillips

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Schools and their locations have a tremendous effect on how our communities grow. The cycle of growth and development of new communities is influenced by school sites. The resurgence of urban neighborhoods is impacted by school location and their educational quality and condition. New schools in our cities are challenged by site locations and limited(More)
Provide science-based recommendations and technical information to assist the FPB in determining if and when it is necessary or advisable to adjust rules and guidance for aquatic resources to achieve resource goals and objectives. The board may also use this program to adjust other rules and guidance. To provide the science needed to support adaptive(More)
At the end of 2012 the center research team consisted of eight senior researchers (4 at AU), nine Postdocs (7 at AU) and seventeen PhD students (9 at AU). Additionally, three further Postdocs and four PhD students (all of which obtained PhD degrees during the year) were part of the center in 2012. All center Postdocs are internationals and so are a good(More)
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