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A real-time PCR assay specific for Sclerotium cepivorum, the causal agent of white rot in onions, was developed for use with a new DNA extraction method capable of processing up to 1 kg of soil in weight. The assay was specific for S. cepivorum when tested against 24 isolates representative of 14 closely related species and other pathogens of onion. The(More)
The current web is a web of linked pages. Frustrated users search for facts by guessing which keywords or keyword phrases might lead them to pages where they can find facts. Can we make it possible for users to search directly for facts embedded in web pages? Instead of a web of human-readable pages containing machine-inaccessible facts, can the web be a(More)
Rhizoctonia solani is an important pathogen of potatoes causing stem canker and black scurf. The fungus is a species complex comprised of 13 known anastomosis groups (AGs). AG3-PT is the anastomosis group frequently associated with disease in potatoes. A real-time PCR assay was designed to the rDNA ITS region of AG3-PT isolates to enable the pathogen to be(More)
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