Jeff Nivala

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The ability to write a stable record of identified molecular events into a specific genomic locus would enable the examination of long cellular histories and have many applications, ranging from developmental biology to synthetic devices. We show that the type I-E CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats)-Cas system of Escherichia(More)
Signal Transduction by Ion NanoGating (STING) is a label-free technology based on functionalized quartz nanopipettes. The nanopipette pore can be decorated with a variety of recognition elements and the molecular interaction is transduced via a simple electrochemical system. A STING sensor can be easily and reproducibly fabricated and tailored at the bench(More)
Scalable, high-throughput DNA sequencing is a prerequisite for precision medicine and biomedical research. Recently, we presented a nanopore-based sequencing-by-synthesis (Nanopore-SBS) approach, which used a set of nucleotides with polymer tags that allow discrimination of the nucleotides in a biological nanopore. Here, we designed and covalently coupled a(More)
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