Jeff Musgrave

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Since the discovery of HIV/AIDS there have been numerous mathematical models proposed to explain the epidemic of the disease and to evaluate possible control measures. In particular, several recent studies have looked at the potential impact of condom usage on the epidemic [1, 2, 3, 4]. We develop a simple model for HIV/AIDS, and investigate the(More)
We present the design of a thrust vector controller for a space shuttle vehicle with multiple engines. This controller will maintain vehicle trajectory and thrust vector while minimizing risk and damage to each engine and to the propulsion system as a whole by independently controlling the thrust magnitude and exhaust cone gimbals angles of each engine. A(More)
At the Ferguson Clinic, 161 anorectal procedures utilizing intravenously administered diazepam and lidocaine 0.5%, with epinephrine, 1:200,000, were done. Of the patients so treated 12% needed additional medication in order for anesthesia to be effective. No complication resulted from the use of these combinations. It is recommended that the combination of(More)
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