Jeff Murugan

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In this article we study a pp-wave limit of the Lunin-Maldacena background. We show that the relevant string theory background is a homogeneous pp-wave. We obtain the string spectrum. The dual field theory is a deformation of N = 4 super Yang-Mills theory. We have shown that, for a class of operators, at O(g 2 Y M) and at leading order in N, all(More)
We study " fuzzy funnel " solutions to the non-Abelian equations of motion of the D-string. Our funnel describes n 6 360 coincident D-strings ending on n 3 6 D7-branes, in terms of a fuzzy six-sphere which expands along the string. We also provide a dual description of this configuration in terms of the world volume theory of the D7-branes. Our work makes(More)
We review the derivation of a noncommutative version of the nonlinear sigma model on CP n and it's soliton solutions for finite θ emphasizing the similarities it bears to the GMS scalar field theory. It is also shown that unlike the scalar theory, some care needs to be taken in defining the topological charge of BPS solitons of the theory due to(More)
The recently constructed Lunin-Maldacena deformation of AdS 5 × S 5 is known to support two inequivalent Penrose limits that lead to BPS pp-wave geome-tries. In this note, we construct new giant graviton solutions on these backgrounds. A detailed study of the spectra of small fluctuations about these solutions reveals a remarkably rich structure. In(More)
We extend the proposal for a detailed map between wrapped D-branes in Anti-de Sitter space and baryon-like operators in the associated dual conformal field theory provided in hep-th/0202150 to the recently formulated AdS 4 × CP 3 /ABJM correspondence. In this example, the role of the dibaryon operator of the 3
In this article we consider gauge theories with a U (N) × U (N) gauge group. We provide, for the first time, a complete set of operators built from scalar fields that are in the bi fundamental of the two groups. Our operators diagonalize the two point function of the free field theory at all orders in 1/N. We then use this basis to investigate non-planar(More)
We show a general relation between the spatially disjoint product of probability density functions and the sum of their Fisher information metric tensors. We then utilise this result to give a method for constructing the probability density functions for an arbitrary Rieman-nian Fisher information metric tensor. We note further that this construction is(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t Using Mikhailov's map from holomorphic functions to supersymmetric D3-brane solutions, we show how to construct giant gravitons in AdS 5 × S 5 with toroidal topologies. In the 1 4-BPS sector we show that these are always of the form K (S 2 × S 1), and in the limit in which this becomes a set of m + n perpendicular(More)
In this article we extend the construction of giant gravitons from holo-morphic surfaces [1] to the ABJM correspondence. We construct a new class of 1 6-BPS M5-branes wrapping 5-manifolds in S 7 /Z k and supported by a large angular momentum in the orbifold space. These orbifold giant gravitons undergo a supersymmetry enhancement to 1 3-BPS and 1 2-BPS(More)