Jeff Michaud

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The Eclipse platform presents an opportunity to openly collaborate and share visualization tools amongst the research community and with developers. In this paper, we present our own experiences of "plugging-in" our visualization tool, SHriMP Views, into this environment. The Eclipse platform's Java Development Tools (JDT) and CVS plug-ins provide us with(More)
This paper describes how we are designing a set of plug-ins to improve teaching and learning of Java programming. Based on requirements gathered from key project stakeholders, the plug-ins include perspectives for both students and instructors. These plug-ins are being developed as part of the Gild project. The paper summarizes our design process from(More)
This paper describes a demonstration of the SHriMP visualization tool. SHriMP provides a flexible and customizable environment for exploring software programs. It supports the embedding of multiple views, both graphical and textual within a nested graph display of a program’s software architecture. SHriMP has recently been redesigned and reimplemented using(More)
This paper describes the integration of information sources to support the exploration of source code and documentation of Java programs. There are many public domain tools that are available for extracting information and documentation from Java programs. We describe how data integration and presentation integration were used to enable the visualization of(More)
The SHriMP (Simple Hierarchical Multi-Perspective) visualization technique was designed to enhance how people browse and explore complex information spaces. SHriMP uses a nested graph view to present information that is hierarchically structured. It introduces the concept of <i>nested interchangeable views</i> to allow a user to explore multiple(More)
This position paper presents GILD – an integrated learning and development environment for programming. The objective of the GILD project is to provide facilities for teaching and learning Java that are tightly integrated with a fully featured, mature and widely adopted development environment. GILD is being designed as a plug-in for Eclipse and takes full(More)
This paper describes our experiences reengineering a visualization tool (SHriMP) into a component-based framework for visualizing software engineering and knowledge engineering projects. The framework is domain independent, customizable and supports multiple methods of integration with other tools. We share with the reader the successes and failures we(More)
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