Jeff McGough

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—The use of the web for a variety of educational needs has exploded recently. It provides one approach in the increasing use of electronic media. HTML—the " Lin-gua Franca " of the internet—provides great platform independence. However, for mathematically intensive applications as seen in Engineering, HTTP and HTML are not able to compete with non-web(More)
It is well documented that there is currently an unsatisfied need in industry for more qualified engineers, and a disturbing decline in college students opting for technical degrees. Part of the problem is the high attrition rate among engineering majors, which can be attributed, in large part to problems with mathematics. In addition, the Accreditation(More)
 We are currently developing a new strategy for mathematics assessment and remediation at the University of Nevada Reno (UNR) and the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (SDSMT). As part of this strategy, electrical engineering students take an on-line test of their ability to use mathematics to solve context-based problems. In this paper, we(More)
The topic of computer vision is of interest due to its ability to provide a great deal of information about the physical world. One problem that plagues many vision applications is that of occlusion. Occlusion is the situation where the view of an object is being blocked by one or more other objects. In this work, a multi-view approach was taken to solve(More)
Computer vision has the potential to discern a large amount of information about the environment. This intelligence can be used to make decisions on navigation and obstacle avoidance. One of the core problems in machine vision is determining the distance from the camera to different objects for a given scene. Stereo-vision is one technique for solving this(More)
In this paper, we investigate the boundary between existence and nonexistence for positive solutions of Dirichlet problem ∆u+f (u) = 0, where f has supercritical growth. Pohozaev showed that for convex or polar domains, no positive solutions may be found. Ding and others showed that for domains with non-trivial topology, there are examples of existence of(More)
Lighting is a constant issue for computer vision applications. The range of light in a scene typically exceeds what an image can accurately represent. Typically, multiple images are taken with each image at a different exposure level. These images are then combined together in order to display more detail than a single image at a single exposure. For(More)
We present a genetic programming approach to finding analytic solutions to nonlinear algebraic equations. Having solved the general quadratic equation by evolving the quadratic formula, we will show results from that equation, as well as other algebraic equations containing exponential or logarithmic operators. Each potential solution equation is expressed(More)
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