Jeff Marshall

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How can international organizations persuade governments to adopt policy recommendations that are based on private information when their interests conflict? We develop a game-theoretic model of persuasion that applies regardless of regime type and does not rely on the existence of domestic constituency constraints. In the model, an international(More)
A defining feature of rural populations is that they are distant from major metropolitan centres. Thus, households in rural areas have different needs than those in urban areas and, therefore, different spending patterns. In 1996, the total expenditure of an average Canadian household was $49,054. Rural households spent an average of $42,620 while urban(More)
When an outside power gains control of a piece of territory, such as in a colonial endeavor or a military occupation, it inherits the burden of managing internal conflict among the groups already residing there. Using a formal model, this paper develops a new theory of how the policies of an extractive outside force affect the occurrence of internal social(More)
Student performance in middle school math and science is in a perilous state. This crisis is reflected in results on key national assessments such as NAEP that indicate that less than one-third of students in the 8 grade perform at a proficient or higher level in math or science. To address this issue, an innovative Instructional Model, the 4E x 2 Model,(More)
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