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AIMS To compare the technological robustness of two antifungal Lactobacillus plantarum isolates and to assess their ability to inhibit growth of the spoilage yeast Rhodotorula mucilaginosa in two different refrigerated foods. METHODS AND RESULTS The effects of freeze-drying, thermal treatments and varying salt concentrations on the viability of two(More)
Advantages in the use of indirect immunofluorescence for the identification of terminal transferase (TdT) in single cells may be offset by lack of specificity, as compared to the biochemical assay of the enzyme, especially in analyses of lymphocyte populations. False positive results were obtained in 15/15 tonsillectomy samples and in 9/27 specimens from(More)
Although the cause of sarcoidosis is unknown, there is growing support for the concept that sarcoidal granulomas result from a hypersensitivity reaction producing a nonspecific response to an extrinsic or intrinsic (autoimmune) antigen in genetically susceptible individuals. The immune milieu associated with these antigens, localized in a specific cutaneous(More)
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