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Ford, Denys K. (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada), and Joyce Macdonald. Morphology of human genital "T-strain" pleuropneumonia-like organisms. J. Bacteriol. 85:649-653. 1963.-The morphology of Shepard's "T-strain" organisms from the human genital tract was investigated. The incubation of "T-strains" in 20% CO(2) with 80% nitrogen for 4 to 5(More)
To characterize the properties of alveolar surfactant susbfractions obtained from mouse lung by differential centrifugation, lavage fluid, following a preliminary centrifugation at 140 × g for 5 min to yield a cellular pellet (Pc), was sequentially cetrifuged at 10,000 ×g for 30 min, 60,000 ×g for 60 min and 100,000 ×g for 15 h; and the resultant pellets,(More)
T-strain mycoplasmas require urea for propagation, but urea metabolism also occurs in nonpropagating viable cultures. Ammonia results from this metabolism and alkalinizes the medium. Ammonium ions and an alkaline pH both inhibit the multiplication of T strains and reduce the viability of T strains in broth. These toxic effects of urea metabolism currently(More)
A major challenge in developing therapies based on progenitor or stem cell populations (from sources other than bone marrow) involves developing a mode to deliver these cells in a manner that optimizes their viability, engraftment, proliferation, and differentiation. We have previously isolated a hepatic progenitor cell (HPC) population from adult liver(More)
Fluorescence detected sedimentation velocity (FDS-SV) has emerged as a powerful technique for the study of high-affinity protein interactions, with hydrodynamic resolution exceeding that of diffusion-based techniques, and with sufficient sensitivity for binding studies at low picomolar concentrations. For the detailed quantitative analysis of the observed(More)
1. The influence of hydrocortisone, insulin and diet on the size distribution of ribosomes in a post-mitochondrial supernatant prepared from rat skeletal muscle was studied by sedimentation analysis with a linear 15-40% (w/v) sucrose gradient. 2. Within 4hr. after the injection of 5mg. of hydrocortisone to well-nourished rats, a decrease in the yield per g.(More)
Relief of copper deficiency during growth promotes the proliferation of intracytoplasmic membranes together with synthesis of particulate methane mono-oxgenase (MMC) inMethylosinus trichosporium OB3b. Particulate MMO functionsin vitro (in cell-free extracts and membrane preparations) with either succinate or NADH as electron donor but soluble MMO functions(More)