Jeff Lawrence

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Deprivation of estrogen causes breast tumors in women to adapt and develop enhanced sensitivity to this steroid. Accordingly, women relapsing after treatment with oophorectomy, which substantially lowers estradiol for a prolonged period, respond secondarily to aromatase inhibitors with tumor regression. We have utilized in vitro and in vivo model systems to(More)
Breast tumors in women can adapt to endocrine deprivation therapy by developing hypersensitivity to estradiol. For this reason, aromatase inhibitors can be effective in women relapsing after treatment with tamoxifen or following oophorectomy. To understand the mechanisms responsible, we examined estrogenic stimulation of cell proliferation in a model system(More)
The highly selective cytotoxicity of site-directed ricin A chain conjugates can be potentiated by membrane-active carboxylic ionophores. The combined use of the two agents results in much faster inactivation of ribosomes and subsequent cell death and lysis. The potency of A chain cytotoxins is correspondingly increased by several orders of magnitude and(More)
Determining whether an equation of state (EOS) table is valid for a given regime requires several steps that include confirming that it obeys the thermodynamic consistency relations and that the table matches available existing experimental data. Once the EOS is analyzed, then we must ensure the simulation code can reproduce analytical results. In this(More)
Previously, we identified three loci affecting HDL-cholesterol levels in a screen for ENU-induced mutations in mice and discovered two mutated genes. We sought to identify the third mutated gene and further characterize the mouse phenotype. We engaged, DNA sequencing, gene expression profiling, western blotting, lipoprotein characterization, metabolomics(More)
In order to define the substrate binding site of human cytochrome P-450(scc) in the vicinity of the 3beta-hydroxyl group of cholesterol, we have tested the ability of the cytochrome to cleave the side chain of a range of cholesterol esters and cholesterol methyl ether. Using a Tween-20 detergent reconstituted system we found that cholesterol sulphate could(More)
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