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The photoneutron yields produced in different components of the medical accelerator heads evaluated in these studies (24-MV Clinac 2500 and a Clinac 2100C/2300C running in the 10-MV, 15-MV, 18-MV and 20-MV modes) were calculated by the EGS4 Monte Carlo code using a modified version of the Combinatorial Geometry of MORSE-CG. Actual component dimensions and(More)
The shielding of positron emission tomography (PET) and PET/CT (computed tomography) facilities presents special challenges. The 0.511 MeV annihilation photons associated with positron decay are much higher energy than other diagnostic radiations. As a result, barrier shielding may be required in floors and ceilings as well as adjacent walls. Since the(More)
Monte Carlo calculations of the giant-dipole-resonance photoneutrons (GRN) around the Varian Clinac 2100C/2300C medical accelerator heads (10-20 MV modes) were made using the coupled EGS4-MORSE code. The actual head materials and geometries were simulated in great detail using the Combinatorial Geometry facility of MORSE. The neutron production (i.e., sites(More)
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