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In an attempt to further delineate the role of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging in evaluating knee pathology, a retrospective study of 60 patients who underwent MR scanning before arthroscopy was undertaken. For medial meniscus tears, the sensitivity of MR imaging was 97% whereas its specificity was 77%. For lateral meniscus tears, MR imaging was 90%(More)
Twenty-three tennis players with a symptomatic full-thickness rotator cuff tear underwent anterior acromioplasty and rotator cuff repair. There were 8 small tears (less than 1 cm), 5 moderate tears (1 to 3 cm), 2 large tears (3 to 5 cm), and 8 massive tears (greater than 5 cm). The dominant shoulder was involved in all patients and all were unable to play(More)
Intestinal Cantor tubes were used in the management of 69 gynecologic patients with pelvic malignancies who presented with small bowel obstruction. Small bowel obstruction was secondary to radiation injury, persistent or recurrent carcinoma, or postoperative adhesions. Thirty-one patients (45%) in this series had successful resolution of their small bowel(More)
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