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As part of this study, the team applied software reverse engineering techniques to perform static and dynamic analysis of operational agent-based systems. This analysis enabled identification of key common concepts across over one dozen different agent frameworks. To demonstrate its applicability, the reference model is then used to analyze a number of(More)
The slow adoption of agent-oriented methodologies as a paradigm for developing industry systems is due in part to their lack of integration and general-purpose use. There exists a need to define common patterns, relationships between components, and structural qualities that a reference architecture for agent-based systems would solve. However, there is(More)
The document represents the consensus technical agreement of the participating IA Sub-IPT Member Agencies, Companies and Institutions. The goals and procedures of the IA Sub-IPT are detailed in its charter document as part of the Network IPT. The record of participation in the development of this document is available from the chair of the Intelligent Agent(More)
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