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The most common materials in endodontics are gutta-percha and sealer. For certain tasks, however, such as repairing perforations or filling apical preparations, a special-purpose material is needed. The "ideal" special-purpose material in endodontics is still elusive. Most of the materials available today have found their way into endodontics from the(More)
Surveys of exposure to inhalable dust have been carried out in two woodworking machine shops and five other woodworking shops where both manual and machine tool work is carried out. The Occupational Exposure Limits for wood dust were found to be frequently exceeded in some workshops. It is possible that the fraction of dust projected from woodworking(More)
A Robustness-Agile Encryptor (RAE) provides confidentiality services for each Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) virtual circuit at an arbitrary strength (or cryptographic robustness). This enhances ATM's flexibility, particularly in cases where political or policy constraints limit the choices for encryption algorithms. It may also reduce operational costs,(More)