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Introduction Producers have questions about the effect of pea harvest management on soil N contribution in no-till systems. For example, pea forage could provide an economically viable summer fallow alternative but it is crucial to know how forage removal affects N contribution. Previous studies of annual legume green manures in the semiarid Northern Plains(More)
This paper explores how technologies can transform the obstacles of geographical and cultural distance into new opportunities for learning and personal growth. In particular, it focuses on the potential benefits of reflection in the context of cross-cultural exchange and how technology can bring those benefits to the classroom. Several instances of research(More)
Part of the Occupational Therapy Commons, and the Physical Therapy Commons Copyright transfer agreements are not obtained by The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy (OJOT). Reprint permission for this article should be obtained from the corresponding author(s). Click here to view our open access statement regarding user rights and distribution of this(More)
Concussions are a major health concern as they cause significant acute symptoms and in some athletes, long-term neurologic dysfunction. Diagnosis of concussion can be difficult, as are the decisions to stop play. To determine if concussions in adolescent male hockey players could be diagnosed using plasma metabolomics profiling. Plasma was obtained from 12(More)
INTRODUCTION Legume green manures (LGMs) are beneficial for soil conservation and may provide a positive agronomic and economic alternative to summer fallow in the northern Great Plains (Zentner et al., 2004). It is important to understand management practices that best balance LGM gains, such as fixed nitrogen (N) and weed suppression, with their potential(More)
We thank Brian Meehan and several anonymous airline employees for clarifying various issues regarding airline and airport operations, Gary Fournier for detailed suggestions on an initial draft, and participants in a session at the 2002 Southern Economic Association meetings and a seminar at East Carolina University for helpful comments. Joe Bunting and(More)
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